Dental Implants

Our Pocatello dental implants are natural-looking, prosthetic roots that are attached to the jawbone to create a strong base for artificial teeth. If there are multiple missing teeth, dental implants can provide enough structure to support several artificial teeth. Dental implants are the perfect permanent procedure to replace missing or severely damaged teeth.

dental implants pocatello

Dental implants help preserve already healthy teeth, help maintain bone structure, are highly functional and durable, stronger than other tooth replacement options, increase stability and chewing/tasting ability, and have an extremely high success rate (between 90%-95%) Dental implants in Pocatello are made to look and act like natural teeth so you can expect to have the same convenience and confidence in your smile. If you are interested in the best dental implants Pocatello has to offer,or are needing a crown replacement, call Center for Dental Excellence today so Dr. Stoddard can assist you.  Call (208) 238-0011 or schedule your appointment online today!