Root Canal

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Root canals, or endodontic therapy, are dental procedures that help remove damaged nerves from the inside of a tooth. When the damaged nerve is removed, the exposed holes are cleaned and sealed. A dental crown is then placed over the entire tooth to protect and strengthen it. If a tooth is beyond repair, the entire tooth may need to be removed. In this instance, a dental bridge or implant would be recommended. Patients require a root canal when decay and bacteria have infected the nerve of a tooth, when there has been extensive damage to a tooth after trauma, when a tooth is fractured, frequent dental work over several years, or an immune system issue that causes the resorption or destruction of the root of a tooth.

root canal pocatello

Although there aren’t any clear cut symptoms that indicate the need for a root canal, dental pain is always a big indicator that there is a problem. Sensitivity to temperature, aches and pains, pain during biting and chewing, or general swelling in the area could indicate the need for a root canal. Keep in mind that if you are experiencing any of these symptoms call your Pocatello dentist, Dr. Stoddard.

Be sure to continue seeing Dr. Stoddard on a regular basis so he can check the condition of your teeth before there is a problem. To see if you need a root canal to correct any dental issues you may be experiencing, call (208) 238-0011 to schedule an appointment.