Teeth Whitening

Eventually, we all have to deal with it: yellowing teeth. Our eating habits, dental hygiene, and regular cleanings can only go so far, which is why Dr. Stoddard and his team offer teeth whitening in Pocatello!  Teeth whitening, or sometimes referred to as bleaching, is a completely safe yet incredibly effective way to restore your yellowing teeth to a beautiful brilliant white. Unlike veneers and dental crowns, teeth whitening is less evasive, inexpensive, offers almost immediate results, and touch-up work can be done at home!

teeth whitening pocatello

With the at-home whitening system and the custom trays made by Dr. Stoddard, you can have long-lasting results to enjoy your smile for years to come. The best teeth whitening Pocatello has to offer, is found at one place; Center for Dental Excellence! To set up your teeth whitening appointment, call (208) 238-0011 or schedule online today.